More than ever today, architects are specifying polished concrete floors for commercial establishments, because it has become more apparent since the start of the century of the incredible, almost unending, sort of colors, patterns, and finishes which will be achieved. Indeed, the sole limitation is that the ingenuity of the architect or end customer who can specify anything that they will consider. It’s just about a case of if you’ll imagine it, a talented contractor like Irving Concrete Crew can produce it.

Polished concrete floors can have patterns etched into them or dig them with saws, they will have any sort of aggregates added at the blending stage, and these can then be ground and polished to a T to resemble terrazzo. The concrete can have any color added thereto, or it can have graduated colors resembling marble or granite.

Concrete is naturally porous, but it can have a densifier added thereto to harden it. This is often usually administered after the primary stage of grinding the surface has been administered and has the effect of interacting with a by-product of concrete called free lime which is produced because the concrete cures. When the densifier reacts with the free lime it produces calcium-silicate-hydrate which may be a gel that’s a dense hard crystal that forms endless layers. It fills all the pores within the concrete and leads to a surface that is considerably harder than concrete on its own. Another advantage of adding a densifier is that it prevents the concrete from dusting, which may be a natural continuing occurrence with concrete over time.

irving commercial polished concrete

Once a densifier has been added to the concrete, the ground should last for many years and can need virtually no maintenance aside from dusting and an occasional wipe-over with a humid mop, so this protects money on floor cleaning materials and paying someone to hold out the work.

Commercial concrete polishing has other economic benefits also. By nature, concrete is cold to steer on, so you’ll have underfloor heating installed before the concrete is poured. Concrete may be a good conductor and therefore the underfloor heating will warm the entire area. the ground also can enjoy a solar gain, absorbing heat from sunlight coming through the windows, and releasing it because the building cools in the dark, thus maintaining a more even temperature, and reducing the quantity of heating or air-con required.

If a floor has commercial concrete polishing to the utmost level of shine with something like a 3,000 grit, it’ll reflect light sort of a mirror. this suggests that artificial lighting within the area are often reduced, thus saving money on electricity and benefiting the environment within the process.

Polished concrete flooring is getting used more and more in factories, warehouses, and high traffic areas like railway stations, airports, and shopping malls, and it can economize on tire wear! It’s true. If you’ve got a warehouse or factory with forklift trucks running about all day, as businesses like Amazon do, you get tire marks on the ground which is that the result of the rubber wearing down. However, polished concrete produces no tire marks, therefore the tires don’t wear out as quickly as on other floor surfaces.

Despite that, and despite being polished to a mirror-like finish, polished concrete isn’t slippery together might expect, but features a relatively high coefficient of friction, which saves slips and falls. Furthermore, it’s quite stain-resistant on its own, but after the ultimate polishing stage has been administered you’ll add a sealant to the surface. This is often ideal in places like commercial kitchens where there’s the constant danger of spills of foodstuffs, oils, and so on. a fast wipe with a mop, and therefore the floor surface is going to be fine.

Polished concrete floor surfaces even improve indoor air quality. The maximum amount as 30% of the population has the sensitivity to allergens and chemicals within the air. Polished concrete produces no noticeable VOCs during the development process, and therefore the surface prevents dust mites and allergens related to other flooring surfaces from forming, so benefitting everybody who is using the world.


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